Instructor: John McGill


Web Page:                   

Office:                                    PS 116

Office Hours:                        Mon. 2-3, Tue. 12-12:45, Wed. 1-2




Physics 123 Lab Manual (supplied by the instructor). You will need a calculator with scientific functions.




Concurrent enrollment in physics 123 lecture.


Attendance is Required!


If you miss more than 2 experiments you will fail the course!!!   Attendance will be taken.




Lab reports

You will do ten experiments.  A lab report for each experiment will be due the week following the experiment.  Each report is worth a maximum of 6 points.   Lab reports will be due at the end of the next lab session.  Late work will not be accepted.  Lab reports will account for 60% of your lab grade.  A lab report should contain the following:


  Objective (what is the purpose of the experiment)

  Description of Procedure (what you actually did)

  Data & Results(uncertainties and units indicated)

                Example Calculations

  Graphs (if required)

  Questions (Answers to all questions in the lab manual)

  Conclusion  (short paragraph indicating what was demonstrated by the experiment)


Lab Quizzes

There will be a lab quiz each week.  Each lab quiz will be worth a maximum of 2 points.

Lab quizzes will account for 20% of your lab grade



In addition there will be a comprehensive exam given in the last lab session.

This exam will account for 20% of your lab grade.


Final Grade

Your final laboratory grade = exam score + sum of your ten lab report scores unless you have missed more than two lab sessions then you will receive a grade of F for physics 123.  If you miss the lab section that you regularly attend, you may make up the experiment in another section that same week.  If you do so, please obtain the signature of the lab instructor on your data sheet. The lab grade will be account for a significant portion of your total physics 123 grade.  A grade of F in lab will automatically result in a grade of F for physics 123.  Any act of academic dishonesty will result in the grade of F for physics 123 laboratory.


Labs schedule:

M 1-3:50 PM, M 6-8:50 PM, T 1-3:50 PM, Thrs 9-11:50 AM, Thrs 6-8:50 PM, F 9-11:50 AM, F 1-3:50 PM