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Course Materials for current and old courses. (syllabi, old test, lecture notes, etcetera)

Physics 100 Lecture (Physics in the Modern World)

Physics 121 Laboratory (Basic Concepts of Physics I)

Physics 150 Lecture (Introductory Electronics)


Physics 150 Lab (Introductory Electronics)

Physics 221  Lecture (General Physics I)

Physics 221 Laboratory (General Physics I)

Physics 222 Lecture (General Physics II)

Physics 223 Lecture (General Physics III)

Physics 223 Laboratory (General Physics III)

Physics 224 Lecture (General Physics IV)

Physics 225 Lecture (General Physics V)

Physics 304 Lecture (Physics in the Classroom)

Physics 304 Laboratory (Physics in the Classroom)

Physics 306 Intermediate Classical Mechanics

Physics 318 Materials Science and Engineering

Physics 352 Lecture and Lab (Advanced Electronics)

Physics 373 Lecture (Mathematical Methods of Physics I)

Physics 421 (Quantum Mechanics I) 322 is the old number for this course

Physics 422 Lecture (Intermediate Quantum Mechanics)

Physics 430 (Advanced Lab)

Physics 450 (Solid State)

Physics 473 Lecture (Mathematical Methods of Physics II)

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